Consumer website reviews Netflix style Adult DVD Rental Services

The website provides rankings, side-by-side comparisons and in depth reviews of popular online adult DVD rental services. The website covers the following service providers: SugarDVD, UrentDVDs, WantedList, XRentDVD and Adult DVD Empire.

According to the review staff at “all porn DVD rental services are not the same – there are some very important differences“. The site’s experts advise that consumers and potential customers need to look beyond unrealistic marketing claims and service specifications to get a clear understanding of each companies true service quality and value. For example, one popular trick in the industry is to claim giant libraries of tens of thousands of adult DVD movies, but these numbers hold very little value to consumers if the DVD titles are old or dated. emphasizes that mainstream online DVD rental service providers such as Netflix and Blockbuster Online are valued for their service, quality and availability of the latest and best DVD movies – these are the same standards consumers should use to judge porn DVD rental companies.’s website exposes eight critical service components that online adult DVD movie rental companies won’t reveal on their own websites – all of these topics are analyzed in full detail on the website:

1. Number of DVD Titles Offered: This number is almost insignificant. Consumers would rather have a well-stocked collection of the latest adult movies with the hottest stars rather that a giant old vault of ancient porn.

2. Free Trials: Never try an adult DVD service without a free trial and always try more than one service.

3. Customer Service: The best companies offer 24/7 live Internet chat session that are semi-anonymous. There are wide variations of service quality in this industry.

4. Discretion: All adult DVD companies mail DVDs in plain unmarked DVD sleeves that include a postage-paid return envelope. Billing statements are equally discreet and credit card statements normally print a generic non-explicit name.

5. Speed of Delivery: The best companies mail your DVD order the same day, with delivery to your address within 1-2 days. Some providers average 2-4 days. Speed of delivery is very important in determining how many DVDs you can rent in a given month, thus are a major factor in determine overall service plan value.

6. Turn Around Time: Like speed of delivery, companies must also quickly process your DVD mail return and ship our you next order. Some companies manipulate shipping and turnaround times so that you process less rental orders in their “unlimited” monthly rental plans.

7. Limitations: Several service providers promote “unlimited” DVD rental plans, but the fine print reveals usage limitations on some of these plans.

8. Ease of cancellation: There are dozens of fly-by-night online rental companies. Consumers must only deal with reputable companies and those that provide no-hassle, instant cancellation policies.

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